Ben Bolch’s NBA rankings –

1. Bulls (19-6): Derrick Rose prefers Chicago in June to Orlando in February, London in August. (1)

2. Thunder (18-4): Kevin Durant no longer invited to judge All-Star dunk contest. (2)

3. Heat (17-6): Fortune 500 companies line up for LeBron James after way he ran the offense. (3)

4. Pacers (16-6): More successful in back-to-backs than “Star Wars” & “The Empire Strikes Back.” (5)

5. 76ers (16-7): Surprising Sixers turn city of Type-A personalities into a bunch of softies. (6)

6. Nuggets (15-8): Nuggets become Walmart shoppers after Kenyon Martin joins Clippers. (4)

7. Hawks (16-7): Lucky stat: Hawks won first 13 games against teams .500 or better. (7)

8. Spurs (15-9): Spurs’ roster sponsored by Shady Pines retirement homes. (9)

9. Clippers (13-7): Long after “All My Children,” GM Neil Olshey assembles bold, beautiful roster. (10)

10. Magic (14-9): At this rate, Dwight Howard will go anywhere except Washington, Charlotte. (8)

via Ben Bolch’s NBA rankings –


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