Kobe’s Ex Wife Vanessa Bryant Visits Lakers Locker Room

The Lakers returned from their road trip to beat the Atlanta Hawks Tuesday, but that wasnt what had social media buzzing in L.A. late on Valentines Day. Vanessa Bryant, Kobes ex-wife, attended her first game of the season at Staples Center, Continue reading

The Lakers’ star surely has become used to nailing game-winners

The Lakers’ star surely has become used to nailing game-winners, so the one that secured a 94-92 victory Sunday over the Toronto Raptors  hardly would have excited him. Continue reading

Mike Brown: Kobe is a Better Player Than Lebron

“I think it starts when you look at championship rings,” Brown said. “The guys who have multiple rings are the ones you mention when you start talking about people’s legacies. They should be mentioned first, because there are a lot of great players out there that I believe can put up great numbers and do great things, especially on a team where you don’t win Continue reading